Handling trainig

Handling training

During training I had to pay attention to many things with my dogs. When I was at my first dog’s show I noticed that it was not so easy to get out of the dogs. One had and still had to pay attention to so many. With the time and by training I to got used to. One had to train the movement with the dog and also build trust with the dog it was not so simply. I have also adapted my running movement with the dog. That the animal has the perfect movement.I had also attended many courses with Eric Sallas where I had improved grooming and show handling and I was also with Madame Saori Wohlin where I had improved my work with the dog. I also got tips and tricks from my breeders Vlasto and Petra Vojtek from Gandamak kennel,where was and still help is rich. My dogs also do their own training. They train each other coursing. If we let them run free one time one of them chases the other and next time the other way round.