C'Karl LAgerfeld all tiger

C.I.B., C.I.B.P.
Slovak Champion
San Marino Champion
Serbia Champion
Swiss Beauty Champion
Swiss Show Champion
Kosovo Champion
Bosna i Herzegovina Champion
Monte Negro Champion
Adriatic Champion
Mediteranea Champion
Balkan Champion
Jugoslavia Champion

Austria Junior Champion
Slovak Junior Champion
Swiss Junior Champion

Swiss Afghan Club Champion
Central Europe Junior Winner 2017
Multi Beauty & Performance Winner

C'Karl Lagerfeld All Tiger

Karl as seen with our own eyes

Karli for the intimate ones is a dog with long and very fine black hair. His ears are slightly set back and backwards and are covered with very long hair. His malignant eyes are brown and show a lot of independence. As for his tail, not too short, ends in a slightly hairy ring.

At the first approach Karli is rather distant, then over time behind this shell appears a very affectionate doggie with his masters, clownish and very playful (Only when Mister has decided…). 

Mister decide

He is Olympian calm and also very stubborn.

Mister will move only when he has decided, but as we are smarter, we have a few tricks that make him fail to be stubborn.