Ervoanns Afghans


The flagship competition for my dogs and for many others is the beauty pageant. Very masterful, majestic while bringing Class and Elegance to the pure state.
In order to keep a beautiful coat, to develop his bust, to have a sociable life and above all to let my dogs live their life as a dog, I make them participate in pursuit competitions. Indeed there are two types:

C'Karl Lagerfeld All Tiger
C'Karl Lagerfeld All Tiger
C'Karl Lagerfeld All Tiger
Alexandre Dumas Gandamak Slovakia

The first

called dog track or racing, is a speed race where the first sighthound crossing the finish line is declared the winner.

The second

called a visual decoy pursuit (VDC) or coursing, is a simulated hare hunt. It takes place in two heats. The sighthound that has the best score in both races will be declared the winner.

Of course both are distinguished from the famous Working Class Certificate.
Human beings have emotions and so do my two sighthounds too.

Every day

Karli and Alexi go out to run, have fun and go for a walk, by the rivers and the train station. Hunting seagulls on the long beaches of Finistère when I visit my paternal grandparents. Driving down the slopes of the beautiful mountains of the High Tatras when I visit the family on my mother’s side in Slovakia. I wonder who is happier of the three of us. After careful consideration it seems obvious to me, that it is the three of us.

Alexandre Dumas Gandamak Slovakia